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Hunger Pangs - summary (entirely canon, I swear)


Hercules to Pythagoras: “In all the time we’ve been friends, I’ve never seen you with a woman.”

Jason is cursed.

"When night falls, he becomes a Kynikoi, stalking the streets and devouring anyone who crosses his path.”

Jason sleeps on the floor directly outside Pythagoras’ bedroom doorway.

Next night, wolf!Jason watches Pythagoras sleep, then goes outside. 

Wolf!Jason runs past Pythagoras in the street without touching him.

Jason enters the house completely naked; Pythagoras smiles as Hercules covers his eyes and he very deliberately looks over the hand.

Wolf!Jason escapes the house.

Pythagoras: “We have to find him and protect him.”

Hercules: “Protect him? Who’s going to protect us?  You have to find a cure.”

Pythagoras sets himself on fire in order to get the cure for Jason.

Ariadne goes to the house.  Half-wolf!Jason growls fiercely and lunges at her.  Hercules grabs him and shoves him behind a curtained doorway.  He claws at the curtain.

Pythagoras: “No, no, no…”  *goes over to curtain*

The curtain isn’t hit again.

"There’s been a sighting, this time by a patrol… The beast attacked them, they were forced to flee.”

Pythagoras cradles Jason’s head and holds the cup for him while he drinks the cure.  Jason is fully capable of sitting and holding his own cup, but he doesn’t even attempt to do so.